Wellness & Recovery

Client’s successes:

At least 1/3 of our clients who are consistent CHI participants have transferred to a lower level of care.

A few of the clients went back to college after participating in CHI groups.

Some clients went back to the work force working full time or part time.

One of the clients stated that she feel better after participating in the group and feels proud that she is able to make things for her family
(scarves, clothes, cooking food)

2 of my participants have transferred to lower level of care and has been hired on at AACI as consumer interns.

“I feel good when I come to the group. I don’t feel so isolated and I feel comfortable making friends.” (V.P.)

“Since I came to the group I’ve gained more confidence.” (T.N.)

“I like your group. The people here are nice to me.” (K.W.)

“Thank you for teaching me how to crochet. I crochet when I’m feeling anxious or depressed.”

“My husband was wearing the pants I hemmed for him everyday!” (L.Y.)

“Wow I feel beautiful.” (referring to the herself after she made some jewelries)

“I like how I am able to spend time with my daughter in your group. I feel much closer to her.”

“CHI groups help me get out of the house more.”

“ I feel inspired with the group. I believe that I was meant to have mental illness and recover so I can help others who struggled like me.”